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I just sat down with a cold beer to watch Noel’s House Party and just realised:
1 - it last aired in 1999
2 - it was broadcast on a Saturday night anyway

I want to make a friend called Rebecca on Mastodon so I can say I am Tooting Bec

The series 4 Apple Watch has advanced health tracking features to help you detect a heart attack the moment you see the price of an iPhone Xs

I find it baffling how so many designers still don't know the difference between additive and subtractive colours. If you just remember what one of them is it's easy to remember the other. So here's a simple reminder:

Additive colours are the ones used in food colouring.

On re-reading this toot is rather sporadically written like a crazy person but I ended up going over my character count (because of the emoji) and cut out a bunch of stuff and now it's basically a bad listicle

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💁🏻‍♂️ Hello there. I'm sort of mostly a :

⭐️ I curate an open-source collection of design principles & run workshops to help companies to create their own.

✏️ Sketches/illustrations:

I draw on potatoes. I worked on artwork for Bob Mortimer's podcast. Here's a timelapse of a large community illustration:

I wrote about sketching:


I am going to re-do my introductions toot so I can pin it

If you're looking for a UX Designer/Product Designer/Design Director type person I'm available from 17th September for short-ish projects.

Boosts appreciated 👀👌😘

When the moon’s not compliant,
And you change Mastodon client,

@eloisa Please add me to Art, Design, Graphic Design, Humour, Illustrators, Interaction Design, Technology.

TIL: Sliced bread is heavier than a whole churn of milk if you have enough bread

I’m back, land lovers. So, what did I miss?

Smells Like Teen Spirit playing on coffee shop radio. Elderly lady tapping her finger in time on her coffee cup.

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