I'm creating a background illustration of a path weaving through trees that has to tile vertically. I made a symbol (top) in Sketch then tiled the symbol on a dummy artboard (below) so I could position and preview the trees in context/real-time to ensure it tiled naturally. 🌲🎉

Observation: If you take all the bits of the new slack logo and line them up end-to-end it's exactly the same length as a Gregg's vegan sausage roll.

tfw you've been using Illustrator shortcuts since 1998 and you're trying to work quickly in Sketch

tfw you leave your iPhone plugged in tucked under your pillow and it performs an update whilst you sleep

💁🏻‍♂️ Hello there. I'm sort of mostly a : benbrignell.com

⭐️ I curate an open-source collection of design principles principles.design & run workshops to help companies to create their own.

✏️ Sketches/illustrations: instagram.com/benbrignell

I draw on potatoes. I worked on artwork for Bob Mortimer's podcast. Here's a timelapse of a large community illustration: vimeo.com/203998275

I wrote about sketching: bit.ly/2x2U4Nn


@mastohost I’m unable see follows/following for accounts not on my instance (see screenshot of your account as an example). I’m also unable to see any posts before the time I started following an account. I only get this happen on my instance, I’m able to view previous posts/follows/following on the same accounts from my mastodon.social account. Any ideas what’s up?

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