@hankchizljaw @meredevelopment is it easy to get wp running now locally? Like npm install wordpress easy?

@ben @hankchizljaw yes, kind of, with WP-CLI. Once that’s installed, it can be a few keystrokes kind of thing. Hardest part is still serving it and creating the DB. So... not `npm install wordpress` but close. Or there’s the Composer approach

@gilles @hankchizljaw @meredevelopment that would be handy for the db aspect for lil' ol me. I've not actually tried any methods yet but probably will do later…

@ben You can easily find a few references, including on docker.
I just tried the docker-compose.yml from It worked like a charm in about 5 min (just remove, where you see it). @hankchizljaw @meredevelopment

PS: their new editor, Gutenberg, is amazing. I took the next 15 minutes giving it a spin.

@gilles @hankchizljaw @meredevelopment thanks for all this folks. Ironically I only need to commit about 3 lines of code but obviously need to run the build 😂

@hankchizljaw @gilles @meredevelopment that is exactly why I need to do it the right way this time :D

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